Company Profile

'Celebrations' is a Catering and Event Management Company that is run and managed by a group of highly qualified professionals with decades of experience in the hospitality industry. Our commitment and dedication stems from our passion for delighting people and finding purpose and meaning in their joy and celebration. 
Food and entertainment have always been essential ingredients of every occasion that calls for a celebration. Our expertise in these two areas, through our catering and event management services, forms the essence of our name 'Celebrations'. 
We are unique in our ability to provide comprehensive management and customisation services for events by coordinating with both venues and vendors. Our experience allows us to efficiently plan, manage and execute events beyond customer expectations.

Inspired by the artistry of the brushstroke, the spectacular display of fireworks in the night sky and the aesthetic art of plating, our logotype dynamically infuse quintessential elements of creativity, festivity and joy to represent 'Celebration'. The conjunction of the 'R' and 'A' in the word-mark implies team work and our ethics of working in close proximity with the client. The rich hue of orange re-emphasises qualities of abounding energy, warmth, optimism and growth. 



We are well-known for our catering and event management services in Bangalore. Don't believe us? Take a look at people who have celebrated with us.